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Company self-evaluation

At ParqueTec we are sure that we can enhance your skills and at the same time provide you with new tools that allow you to achieve your goals. For this reason we have developed this exercise de  self-evaluation and reflection so that from your reflection as an entrepreneur you can analyze three fundamental areas in this process: Human Development, Strategy and Innovation, and Business Management.



The evaluation corresponding to the section of Human development seeks to determine the level of development of the entrepreneur's own competencies: leadership, assertive communication, proactivity, among others. 

Within the area of Strategy and Innovation The development of topics such as: innovation and the business model of the project or company will be determined.

And finally, in the section  of Business managementIt is designed to identify the different indicators to determine the financial model and administrative structure of the project. 


In addition, if you wish, you can make a free appointment with us to learn more about your project and get down to work to promote your venture.

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