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With more than 17 years of history, ParqueTec seeks daily to promote economic and social development through support for entrepreneurs, startups and businessmen. Starting with an idea and transforming it into a reality requires experience, advice and above all, a team prepared for it.

Through investment funds such as InvertUp, incubators, startup accelerators, business internationalization programs, softlanding, consultancies, training, innovation tour, ParqueTec seeks to reinforce the business culture and create an ecosystem of startups that helps the constant growth of this type of companies.

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These are just some of the faces that are part of ParqueTec.

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Co Founder and President

Marcelo is a businessman, investor and entrepreneur. He founded Parque Tec in 2004, a business incubator that promotes the development of Startups and entrepreneurs because it seeks to be part of their stories through mentoring and accompaniment. In his day to day, he is part of a large group of change agents who live outside their comfort zone, risking and permanently moving to the edge of the precipice to reach the top and be able to shout out loud: I have achieved it and definitely the trip was worth it!

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Co-Founder and CEO

Top 10 innovation leaders in LATAM 2021, he has more than 20 years of experience in business development and Startup management. He is an ambassador for Base Miami in Colombia and Mexico, Director of Innovation at IBC Online group, former Director of SUM International at Start Up Mexico, mentor, angel investor and speaker. Ron likes teamwork and his approach seeks to build a bridge between the world's most innovative companies and the growing business community, providing knowledge and opportunities for entry into international markets. His passion is to generate sustainable strategic sales that consolidate Startups, entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs and companies from around the world.

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Co-Founder and COO

Nelly Ortega's experience covers the areas of corporate finance, entrepreneurship, content creation and humanitarian visionary.

Her role as Senator for Mexico in the World Business Angel Investment Forum (WBAF) affiliated partner of the Global Partnership for Financial Inclusion (GPFI) of the G20, has allowed her to promote national entrepreneurs whose projects have a vision of global scale; Committee member, Global Science, Technology and Innovation (STI); Recently appointed Founding Partner of the Latin America and Caribbean Trade Association for Business Angels (LACBAN), based in Mexico City, covering the countries of Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Guyana, Jamaica, Panama, Peru, Trinidad and Tobago and Venezuela. She has served as Senior Advisor for Corporate and Wealth Banking at Citigroup, CEO and Founder of Grupo Ideas Mexico.



Innovation Coach

Master of Entrepreneurship and Innovation from the University of Barcelona, Bachelor of Business Administration with an emphasis in marketing from the Tecnológico de Costa Rica and Innovation Manager accredited by MICITT, with experience in the process of accompanying young entrepreneurs and creating business models innovators and market strategies.




Mexican, Bachelor of International Business, with high capacity to proactively manage sales and business strategies. With a high level of perseverance, capable of delivering prospected results and closing sales in record time. Empathetic, which makes clients feel confident in what he is capable of offering as a professional. Leader, with high training in management of entrepreneurial processes, capable of evaluating and finding the gaps for a business to be viable.

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Mexican communicator who, through the development of analysis and digital communication strategies, builds or reinforces the digital footprint of companies, entrepreneurs and businessmen. His goal is to give voice and image to each project in which he participates. She also has experience in the production of corporate events and campaigns on digital platforms. His background in different industries allows him to adapt ideas with different resources.

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